Starting a relationship is like finding a job. You have to send your resume & cover letter hoping they hire you!  When you're on a date, it's like an interview where you have to promote yourself to the other person in order to get... another date!!! Having that in mind...I would like you to sell yourself to me.


Please include the following: your age; occupation; religious views along with your hobbies, interests & personality. Let me know "exactly" what you're looking for and "exactly" who you are. Always remember to be honest with yourself and DON'T HOLD BACK. You deserve the BEST and I am going to do my BEST to find you "exactly" who you want.


I am not like those other dot coms. I am your PERSONAL matchmaker. All of your information will be kept private. I will be doing the work for you. That's one of the reasons I am different from the rest. Once you sign up you will see what else sets me apart... :)

It's quick & easy. Just send your BIO & picture to

Matchmaking = $50 for 3 months or 3 dates {cash, checks or payments accepted through PayPal}

If you recommend a friend, the next month is free!


Thanks for having faith in me.

Wishing you LOVE,



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$50 for 3 months or 3 dates