Thank you, Audrey for introducing us! If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have

our beautiful baby boy, Nathaniel! You're a wonderful friend!

- Amy & Richie

Datings Complicated

"Matchmaking Works"  We are a successful result of Audrey's matchmaking. We are Janice and John...a very happy married couple for the past 6 1/2 years. We have two healthy, joyful, beautiful children. At the time we were both ready to meet "the right one"

Being single out all of the time in bars, clubs, traveling, etc. we both met people but noone was the right match! Until...Audrey, knowing both of us knew we would be right for eachother. And like any great love story, They lived happily ever after... 

We believe in it!

-Janice & John

Do you believe in fate? I definitely do, especially after meeting my soul mate. 

One chilly autumn night, I went to Dannyboy’s Happy Hour with my girlfriends Audrey and Marianne for a “Girl’s Night Out.”  Marianne brought us next door to introduce us to her friends John and Andrew Scudera and Anthony Pugliese.  John and Anthony came next door with us to enjoy a few drinks, while Andrew was stuck working at Goodfellas until the restaurant closed.  I got hungry, so I went next door to grab a bite to eat at the restaurant and it seems I made quite the impression!  

Towards the end of the night Andrew and Audrey began talking about relationships and Andrew revealed that he had a crush on me!  Audrey took me aside and told me the news and she encouraged me to “give him a shot.”  Andrew and I started talking and eventually realized that we had lived right around the corner from each other our entire lives, but never actually met until that night.  In addition to that, Audrey knew his sister and my mom worked at the same school as her.  I mean, “What are the chances??!!”

Fast forward 3 years later, and Andrew and I are happily married and are newlyweds crazy in love!  (By the way, Audrey and Marianne were a part of my special day.  They were 2 of my bridesmaids!!)  

- Michelle & Andy

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